Is a bald kid who's best friend is a piece of wood.He ounce asked sara out for Edit

his school dance.he loves wood and acorns.He loves to protect animals and martians seen in the episode ounce

bitten twice ed.Episode can be seen on and plank throw an arbor day party on the wrong day.

he was abused a couple of times by the kankers the tied him up,Jimmy tied him up,sara sticked him

on her wall,and the eds beat him up many times.Johny has an super hero identiet called captain melon head.

he was hypnotized by plank and eddy,Johny hates cities seen in urban ed can also be seen on

He has hair Edit

Johny has hair in some episodes.He had in afro in one episode but it disapeared soon later.He also had a short hair cut.

Triva Edit

  • He use to have hair
  • He is a super hero
  • He loves arbor day
  • His favorite color is magenta
  • His job picked by the eds is to be a gohpher
  • He is friends with the eds

He gets his head stuck in trees alot