= EddyThe small annoying ed boy.He has three hairs on his head. =

He is very annoying.He also has pink skin and a bowling t shirt. He loves money and jawbreakers.

Eddy has been beaten up many times.And was naked fully in the good the bad and the ed.Eddy's house

Is right next to kevin.Eddy is in love with nazz and got punched in the eye by her.Eddy kissed edd so kevin

wouldn't tell his SECRET.he also is a super villin called proffesser scam.

Eddy and money Edit

Eddy loves money more then any other ed.When he can't scam anyone he becomes crazy.

Triva Edit

  • Eddy's middle name is skipper.
  • When Eddy is proffesser scam he can shot neon money symbols from his head.
  • Eddy is the mascot of the lemon broff junior high foot ball team.
  • Eddy can fly
  • Eddy wants Kevin to be a monkey
  • Eddy want sara to be a frog.
  • Jimmy calls eddy uncle eddy