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Double Dee

= EddEdd also know as doubledee is the clean,weak and smart one.His hat resembles a sock thus the nickname sockhead. =

Edd hates germ but got crazy when he couldn't shower.Like everyone eles he likes Nazz.He was also beleft to be an creature from another world.

Double Dee becomes crazy in mant episodes.His best friends are Ed and Eddy. Double Dee actually really strong.

he ounce was the schools bully.He was called the masked mumbler in one episode.He has a sling shot.

He was huged .kissed and danced withh nazz.Sara has a crush with him

What Under Edd's Hat Edit

Some people think he is bold.Some think he has a another hear.Others beleave he has long hair.

No one really knows whats under his hat.Danny Antinnoch said the woud reveal it in the movie but they never did.

Triva Edit

  • Eddy's brothe thinks he's a girl
  • His oppitsite side is being a dude who loves the heat and to be naked
  • He loves books
  • he has an ant farm
  • He chocked ed
  • He trented ed